Instagram bots have a ‘not-so-good reputation, but several marketers use them to automate their Instagram marketing and yield fantastic results. This is because they have learned Instagram automation best practices and know how to use them to get the best.

This article will discuss the do’s and don’ts of Instagram automation and how you can use Instagram automation tools like IGSUMO, and other tools for Facebook like Zebrabuzz, etc., to boost your account growth.


What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation is the use of a third-party app to manage your account, perform tasks, and interact with your followers and other Instagram users without the need for a human.

Although Instagram is not big on bots and automation, it is a stable and efficient way to perform time-consuming tasks and grow your account – but only if you do it right.

‘Doing it right’ owes largely to the Instagram automation tool you use and the way you automate your page – do not spam.

At this juncture, it is important to introduce you to an Instagram automation tool you can use to speed things up and increase your productivity – without spamming.

Instagram automation best practices


Instagram Automation Best Practices – The Best Instagram Automation

Tool To Use

It isn’t easy to choose one tool as the best, but when you consider the features and what you need to automate on Instagram, IGSUMO is pretty much an all-in-one package. And the beautiful thing is, it is available for free.

Zebrabuzz is another similar tool that can help you automate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit, Medium, WordPress, and many more. It also has a Facebook chatbot to chat with your customers and followers in real-time.

Currently, IGSUMO focuses on Instagram automation. So if you want to take control of your Instagram marketing, this tool is great for you. It is a simple tool, easy-to-use, with a user-friendly dashboard. Here are some of its amazing features:


  1. Instagram Auto Poster, Content Scheduler, And Planner: To automatically post and schedule posts to Instagram. You can also select the time zone and the number of times you want it to repost.
  2. Auto Commenter: To automate Instagram comments. It can automatically comment under posts—a very useful feature for people who like to put hashtags in the comment section.
  3. Auto Comment Reply: This is an important automation feature that helps you to reply to comments automatically. You can create two types of replies – one that responds with the same comment or an intelligent reply that recognizes keywords.
  4. Instagram Auto DM: Automatically send and reply to DMs before users lose interest.
  5. Instagram Hashtag Search Tool/Hashtag Generator: Search for the best and most relevant hashtags to use under your post. This helps you connect quicker with your target audience and get seen by more users.
  6. Auto Delete Offensive Comments: When active, this feature can recognize unwanted comments and delete/hide them immediately. It keeps your Instagram account free of trolls and abusive comments or statements.
  7. Auto Mention: This intelligent feature can tag users in its responses to make the conversation look natural.
  8. Multiple Account Integration: Integrate as many as 5 Instagram accounts with IGSUMO and automate time-consuming tasks on all of them with the same subscription!
  9. Unlimited Contacts
  10. Full-Featured Chatbot
  11. Broadcasting among many others


Instagram Automation Best Practices – The Tasks You Should Automate On Instagram

Now that you are familiar with a powerful and non-spam tool for your Instagram account, what should you do and not do?


Instagram automation best practices


  1. Automate Your Instagram Posts


Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance helps you to focus on creating engaging content. It also allows you to post at the right time (What is the best time to post on Instagram?) if you become busy.

With IGSUMO, you can also choose your preferred time zone (for those whose target audience is in a different time zone from theirs. You can also select the number of times you want to report a post and the frequency, so you don’t have to do it repeatedly.


  1. Automate Instagram Comments


Automating your Instagram comments is one of the Instagram automation best practices to note. It is advisable to respond to comments no matter how many they are.

IGSUMO allows you to do this easily, and it can also respond to comments privately via DM should the need arise.

  1. Regularly Check Automation Reports


Ensure you check your automation campaign reports regularly to know how well you are doing.

  1. Auto Delete Or Hide Offensive Comments


This feature allows you to delete or hide unwanted comments from your page. You can also send an auto-response to unwanted comments via DM in a bid to solve an issue.


  1. Automate Hashtags

Without doubt, this is one of the most important Instagram automation best practices to do. But should be done appropriately.

It is simple. If you want more exposure to a wider audience or relevant audience, use hashtags. IGSUMO has a special tool for this feature the Instagram Hashtag Generator.

These five activities are some of the top Instagram automation best practices to do. Now, what not to do?


  1. Don’t Use Fake Followers


Although many people will tell you to get fake followers, we do not recommend it, especially if you are a marketer.

Getting bot followers will look good on your profile, but there is little or no ROI. This is because fake followers cannot interact with your posts, nor can they become conversions.

They are only there for show. As a smart marketer, this is not advisable. Instead, you can automate your posts and use relevant hashtags that boost your reach to have more organic followers.


  1. Don’t Spam


Spammy behaviour is quite possibly the reason why Instagram frowns at automation – and you should avoid it. Whatever you do, don’t spam.

Keep your posts, comment replies, and interactions, but overdo it, or Instagram will waste no time in shadow banning or removing your account.


  1. Create Different Auto Replies


IGSUMO allows you to create one reply for all comments or different replies that respond to keywords or phrases. While generic responses may be suitable for certain cases, try to mix them up with filtered replies. This makes all your interactions natural, and you get more engagements.


  1. Avoid Too Many Hashtags


Hashtags can be crucial to getting more reach, but don’t overdo it. Instagram limits hashtag usage under each post to 30, so try and stay within that range.

We have writtenblogs on How to use hashtags on Instagram and How many Hashtags you should use on Instagram. Click on them to explore the world of hashtag usage and how to put it to good use.




If you are thinking of Instagram automation, good – your head is in the right place. But use responsibly. These Instagram automation best practices will help you make the most of automation without incurring Instagram’s wrath.

You also don’t have to break the bank to automate all you need to do. With IGSUMO, you can get started and have a feel of the tool for free with no credit required. Click here to begin your journey into significant Instagram growth in record time.

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