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Awesome Features

Simplified Instagram automation bot with powerful features for hair salons. Take control of your social media marketing with easy-to-use Instagram automation tools.

Image/Video Posting

Schedule image & video posts for now or later. Edit with live image editor.

Comment On Instagram Posts

Design auto comment templates. Make random & periodic comments.

Comment Reply

Design auto reply templates, delete offensive comments and provide automated responses.

Hash Tag Search

Automatically search hashtag with keywords, hashtag generator, & see comments made, etc.

Automation on instagram

How Does Our Instagram Automation Bot Work?

Connect multiple Instagram accounts and streamline your Instagram marketing.

Connect Instagram account

Get started for free and connect your Instagram account in just a few clicks. Clicking the  ‘Login with Facebook’ button will prompt you to allow access to import your Instagram account. You’re ready to go!

Create Auto Posting Campaign

Automate your Instagram posts with the simple Instagram bot. Schedule posts to go live on your Instagram feed later or make instant posts. You can upload the image or video you wish to post, preview it on the user-friendly dashboard using the full-featured image editor. Write and edit captions easily. Our Instagram automation bot also lets you set scheduled periodic posts to make the same Instagram posts periodically.

Create Comment On Post

Another amazing Instagram growth feature is the ability to automate your Instagram comments. Our Instagram bot allows you to comment on your posts once or multiple times directly from the dashboard. You can also save comments as a template to be used later on. The periodic posting feature allows you to comment randomly or take content from templates frequently.

Create Comment Reply

Reply automatically to comments under your Instagram posts privately via Instagram direct messages or publicly under the comment. Our auto reply feature allows you to tag and mention the user. This Instagram automation tool has an advanced keyword recognition system that allows it to delete inappropriate comments while you can use your saved replies as template for future automated responses.

Instagram Automation Tool Designed To Grow Your Audience

We have a tool made to increase your social media engagement, facilitate faster Instagram growth, connect with Instagram users anywhere, and spend less time doing it.


Our simplified videos provide easy step by step tutorial to get the most out of IG Sumo Instagram marketing tool. Very powerful tool that boosts Instagram marketing.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Smooth connection with your Instagram followers via a user-friendly dashboard. All your Instagram posts, Instagram interactions, Direct Messages, Instagram accounts, Auto Reply Campaigns, Auto Posting, and Auto Commenting tabs are easy to find.

Why IGSUMO’s Instagram Automation Tools Are Crucial To Your Hair Salon Business

You can have it all with your social media marketing and we are here to give you – unlimited Instagram growth and better ROI.

Grow Your Followers Through Instant Replies

Hair Salons have had a difficult time managing their Instagram inboxes and direct messages.

Because people like to deal with businesses they can rely on. Your goal will be to create deeper ties that will increase your followers’ trust in your business.

You can increase confidence and trust among your fans and customers by using our auto-reply service.

With efficient clever automated comments, you can increase fan loyalty. When you reply quickly, it can have a tremendous impact on your long-term following count.

Quick replies demonstrate to your fans that your Instagram feed is ‘super approachable.’

This speeds up customer patronage and increases the probability of developing stronger relationships with your fans over time.

Create Authentic Engagement

It will be impossible to market your skills or build the dynamic fan base you desire without engagement.

Here’s how IGSUMO boosts your Instagram engagement:

  • With our powerful auto reply bot, you get twice as many comments as you normally do on your posts.
  • Instant replies to all of your Instagram direct messages, comments, and posts on Instagram pages (works well for multiple accounts).
  • To enhance organic engagement, send bulk DMs and tag each user.
  • Filter your social media messages and prioritize the most important ones.
  • Fast interactions that will help you convert new followers and existing Instagram users at a high rate.
Integrate Multiple Instagram Accounts, Create Engaging Instagram Posts, and Get Better Value For your Hair Salon Business

Want to increase your Instagram follower engagement while also increasing your marketing?

Here’s how IGsumo can help you do all of this and more:

  • Connect multiple accounts and increase interaction by automating all of your Instagram posts in seconds using our tools. (There is no upper limit to how much you can optimize.)
  • With our Instagram scheduling feature, you can enjoy flawless social media scheduling.
  • Do you need a personalized account manager? IGsumo can function as one. Manage multiple accounts and posts efficiently. This, in turn, will increase your revenue on Instagram.
  • Don’t waste time responding to comments, direct messages, and other forms of communication. You can use our automation tool to respond to messages, comments, and create scheduled postings in real time
Efficient Instagram Engagement Via Inbox

IGsumo is the most reliable Instagram management platform. It makes it easier to respond to DMs and comments. This will result in a significant level of engagement with your hair salon Instagram page.

There is no easier approach to developing trust and relationships with your Instagram followers and customers than this.

Powerful features

Intelligent Tool for 24/7 Marketing

To expand your graphic designer Instagram account, you must maintain a steady ‘availability’ and ‘presence’ in your profile.

This will only work if you engage with your fans and followers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This not only demonstrates your customer service skills, but will also enhance your user experience.

Using the IGsumo Auto Comments and Reply Tool on your graphics design Instagram Page will enable your brand to stay ‘live’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This means you’ll be able to interact with your fans, followers, and customers across the world at any time of day or night, and reply to their questions and comments.

Schedule Posts for Different Time Zones

No worries if you have a higher percentage of your fans and Instagram followers in a different time zone!

IGSumo allows you to schedule your posts in any time zone of your choosing. This way, you may interact with your Instagram followers and fans whenever they are online, even if you are not.

Reply to Your DMs Instantly

Don’t keep prospects waiting! With IGSumo, you can automatically respond to sales and support inquiries immediately.

This saves your team some time and helps you serve customers with quick answers. This will improve your customer experience and ensure Frequently Asked Questions are answered quickly.

Auto Tagging Feature

Our auto commenter and auto reply tool can personalize customer interactions with auto tagging. Mention commenters’ names and Instagram handles in your responses to personalize the interaction.

See Page Reports In One Place

Check your Instagram page for reports such as auto comments enabled, auto replies, posts scheduled and many other vital statistics that help you improve your customer experience.

Customize Auto Replies

Use images, photos, emojis, videos, and many others in your auto comments and auto replies. Make customer interaction fun and engaging. Foster great relationships with your customers through interactive communication.

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What Other Users Are Saying About Instagram Automation

Here are what people are saying about Instagram automation and why you should get started now.

Dona, K.

Freelancer On Upwork

“We use Instagram automation tools to respond to users and potential customers quickly. We can get them all the information they need without lifting a finger.”

Nelson, T.

Social Media Director @PrimeoDigital

“What I love most about automating my Instagram tasks is the simplicity. The customization and UI is brilliant and scheduling Instagram posts in bulk makes my work easier and faster.”

Dave, O.


“Instagram automation tools make it easy to auto comment and auto reply on Instagram. Responding to comments quickly has enormously improved our lead generation and increased our revenue!”

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