The question of whether to use hashtags in comments or caption has been debated for years. The reason is not hard to figure out – hashtags are a marketing gold rush, and their importance cannot be overemphasized.

Many marketers wonder if Instagram hashtags are more effective when used in the comments section or caption. In this article, you will find answers to this question and Instagram hashtag best practices to note in 2021.


Why You Need To Use Instagram Hashtags


Hashtags are essential to any post. Several studies have shown that Instagram posts do better with hashtags. Simply put, if you want to reach your target audience or experience a broader reach, hashtags are one of the most effective ways to go by.

Instagram hashtags are also helpful if you want more organic followers. As they expose your page and posts to more viewership, there is an increased chance your follower count grows.


Why You Should Use The Right Hashtags


As crucial as hashtags are, more emphasis must be placed on researching and using the appropriate hashtags. Why?

  • Relevant hashtags give you the right audience.
  • The right hashtags ensure your posts rank higher in search results and appear on the explore page.
  • Hashtag gimmicks like #followme, #follow4follow, #like4like, etc., may temporarily get you followers, but these are mostly bots or Instagram users that are only interested in you following them back.
  • Industry-specific hashtags or niche hashtags connect your product or service to the audience that needs them.
  • Instagram frowns at accounts that copy and paste the same set of hashtags under every post.
  • Using banned hashtags can get your account shadowbanned or permanently removed.

But researching hashtags for each post is a burdensome task, especially considering you may need up to 30 for each post. This is why you need the IGSUMO Instagram Hashtag Generator.


What Can A Hashtag Generator Do?


The Instagram hashtag generator is an essential tool that can do all the heavy lifting of hashtag use. You no longer have to find hashtags for each post you make. With the free IGSUMO hashtag tool, you can generate the best hashtags for your Instagram posts.

This tool will help you search for top ranking and relevant hashtags that will ensure all your posts get increased engagements.


You can learn more about this unique tool here or watch the hashtag tool video how it works below:


Should You Use Hashtags In Comments Or Caption?


Now that you have learned how to generate the best hashtags for each post using the IGSUMO hashtag tool, where do you use them? Is it better to place the hashtags in comments or caption?

Many people prefer to put their hashtag in the first comment. There are quite some reasons for this. Some users believe this makes the post less ‘messy’ or ‘chaotic.’

Hashtags in the comments will also get lost after a few comments from your followers, so it is an effective way to hide them. But you can also hide hashtags in the caption in a way that they are not immediately visible. You can read our blog on 4 Ways To Hide Instagram Hashtags to find out.

Placing your hashtags in the comments works just as good as if they were in the caption. The post reach and visibility are not affected whether the hashtags are in the comments or caption.


How Many Hashtags Should You Use?


IGSUMO can help you generate quality hashtags that give you reach, engagements and boosts your chances of getting more followers. Although Instagram limits the number of hashtags you can use per post to 30, should you exhaust it?

There is nothing wrong with using all 30, but several reports have claimed that you shouldn’t use anything less than 11 hashtags.

Using 30 hashtags may also look desperate or spammy to most Instagram users. This is why people like hiding the hashtags in the comments.

You can also hide hashtags in the caption when you click the Enter or Return key at least thrice before pasting the hashtags. That way, users will have to click ‘More’ to see all the hashtags.



It’s that simple. There is no real difference in functionality if you put hashtags in the comments or caption. It is entirely up to you and what you feel is right.

The most important thing is generating the best hashtags that connect you to the audience you need. And there is no better way to reach a broader audience than generating quality hashtags with a hashtag generator tool like IGSUMO. Get Started for free today with no credit card required.


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