If you have a small brand and want to stand out on social media, Instagram is a great place to achieve it. As challenging as it may seem to increase your online clientele, you can still grow your local business on Instagram and Facebook with some untapped strategies and tools like IGSUMO, Zebrabuzz, and others. In this article, you will learn about ways to take your start-up to the next level.

For a local business, your success on Instagram is not measured by how many followers you have but by how effective you are at converting them into customers.

With Instagram now estimated to have more than a billion users and over 200 million brand accounts, there is a lot of competition. 50% of all Instagram users also follow at least one brand account, so if you want to progress your local business on Instagram, you are in the right place.

With that in mind, here are ways a small brand can be unique and attract their target audience to their Instagram ‘account:

Steps To Grow Your Local Business On Instagram


5 Crucial Ways To Grow A Local Business On Instagram

  1. Fake Followers Are Not Your Friends


Like we mentioned earlier, it’s not a matter of many followers for a local business on Instagram. It’s more about an increased conversion rate. Bot followers or ghost followers may increase your follower count, but there’s no ROI. They won’t buy from you and won’t even engage your posts. This is why you need to prioritize organic followers instead.

There are many ways you can get natural followers. One of them – and arguably the most effective is by using the IGSUMO Hashtag Generator Tool. As its name suggests, this free tool helps you generate the best hashtags that take your posts to the target audience.

These hashtags ensure your posts rank higher on search results and often appear on the Explore page. When your posts get more visibility, many Instagram users will check your profile, and if you have enough content, product, and service that interests them, they will follow.

Click Instagram Hashtag Generator to learn more about this unique IGSUMO tool, or click here to read more about the use of hashtags.


  1. Content Planning Will Get Your Brand Ahead


Another way to grow your local business on Instagram is to make a content plan. Notice how we mentioned people might have to check your profile to see your content and posts before following you.

When they come to your profile, they need to find posts that convince them you have something to offer. Quite frankly, posting is a burdensome task – probably the most strenuous of all Instagram activities.

A solid content plan that includes scheduling posts and stories in advance is vital to attracting more followers from your target audience and keep your current followers engaged.

You can do this easily with the IGSUMO Instagram Posting and Content Scheduling tool.

With this unique tool, you can schedule image and video posts to as many as 5 different Instagram accounts. The tool also allows you to choose time zones which is great for reaching a specific audience.


5 Crucial Ways To Grow A Local Business On Instagram


  1. Consistency


Coherence and consistency are essential factors to grow your local business on Instagram. Not only does it improve your Instagram aesthetics, but it also ensures your audience stays on your account looking out for your next post.

The IGSUMO Instagram content planner is also a great way to improve consistency and ensure your Instagram posts are regular. You’ll be able to promote your account and be more effective at it when your account is no longer a lean canvas.


  1. Find Local Influencers


Influencers usually have a lot of followers. Look out for those that not only have many followers but also have high engagements under their posts. In addition, it can be easier on your budget and better for conversions locally if they are close to you.

You can make a collaboration offer when you are satisfied with their profile, values, and what they generally promote. Most importantly, ensure their audience is your target audience.


  1. Be Active Under Local Content


To grow your local business on Instagram and improve reach, make sure you are active on the profiles of local brands, influencers, and content creators. Join discussions, leave comments, and interact with users.

You can also repost content of businesses and users close to you. This way, the followers of these businesses and celebrities will notice you, and the original post owner will be pleased.

All these help you draw more attention to your local community and make your brand look like a friendly neighborhood business.

Many of the things you have to do to grow your local business on Instagram can be automated. With a tool like IGSUMO, you can automate comment replies, content scheduling, generating the best hashtags, deleting negative comments, automatic DMs, among many other amazing features. You can start IGSUMO and grow your local business on Instagram for free now.




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