As crucial as hashtags are, you need to discover the ones that can connect you to your target audience. This is why you need an Instagram hashtag generator to help you find the best hashtags to boost your reach.

Another reason why it is essential to use an Instagram hashtag generator is that Instagram frowns at users who reuse the same set of hashtags for every post. This makes it crucial to personalize hashtags to match each post you make.

Having to research up to 30 relevant hashtags for every post is a daunting task that will most likely sap the energy out of you. Remember, you may have to make multiple posts daily.

An Instagram hashtag generator like IGSUMO, for instance, does the heavy lifting for you. It can search for and generate hashtags that get you higher engagements under each post and increases the chances of more users following you.

IGSUMO is a favourite among many savvy marketers due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Here we will look at how an Instagram hashtag generator works.


Instagram Hashtag Generator – How It Works


There are numerous hashtag tools available today, and while a handful of them are effective for what they do, IGSUMO offers you a lot more.

This tool has several unique futures that ensure your Instagram marketing ride is a smooth journey.

For example, you get the hashtag generator, Instagram post scheduler and auto poster, intelligent auto-reply bot, auto mention and auto DM bot, auto-delete/hide comments feature, among many other incredible tools.


The Hashtag Generator


As its name suggests, this feature of IGSUMO is all about hashtags. The hashtag generator can generate the best and most popular hashtags. It also shows you the relevant hashtags for each post.

It also helps you know how frequently each hashtag is being searched for so you know the hashtags that most of your target audience are looking for.

Here is how it works:


For visual learners, here is a simple video that shows you the working process of the hashtag tool.


The hashtag tool works in four easy steps:

  1. On your dashboard, navigate to the bottom-left menu under ‘Search Tools’ and select ‘Hashtag Search.’
  2. On the next page, select your preferred Instagram page (IGSUMO allows you to integrate up to 5 different Instagram accounts for free).
  3. After selecting the account, enter a keyword for the post and tap ‘Enter’ to generate.
  4. The tool will generate a list of the top-ranking hashtags, random, relevant, and live hashtags. You can copy and paste the hashtags under your posts.

Instagram limits the number of hashtags you can use to 30, but you don’t have to exhaust it. You can read our easy blog on How To Use Hashtags to learn more about hashtag usage.

Remember, you need to create an account and import your Instagram account before generating hashtags for free on IGSUMO. Presently, you can create an account without entering credit card info. Get Started Here.

It is that easy to generate hashtags. Your posts can rank higher in search results and appear more often on the Instagram explore page with these hashtags.


Should I Use A Hashtag Generator?


We have mentioned the importance of hashtag generators previously, so this is a big and solid YES. Why not? Hashtag generators make things easier for you. While we do not guarantee the safety of every hashtag generator in the market, IGSUMO ensures your account stays safe at all times.

Here are reasons why you should say yes to Instagram hashtag generators:


  1. A Hashtag Generator Can Increase Your Followers


Hashtags give your posts more reach. Your content is exposed to a wider audience, meaning you’re more likely to get authentic and organic followers. It also helps you avoid hashtag gimmicks like #followme, #follow4follow, #like4like, and many others.

While these may temporarily get you, followers, they are usually bots or people who are only interested in you following them back.


  1. Hashtag Generators Get You More Engagements


When your posts have increased reach, more users are likely to see them and engage. But with increased engagement comes the headache of responding to them.

This is why IGSUMO has another feature known as the auto-reply bot – an intelligent bot that can send natural responses to comments under your page. You can learn more about the auto-reply tool here.


  1. Hashtag Generators Save Time


We said this earlier. You don’t have to spend time looking for hashtags for each post. Simply enter a keyword on a hashtag generator and get the best hashtags for each post.


  1. Instagram Hashtag Generators Exposes Your Content To The Right Audience


Many Instagram users are looking for your content. Industry-specific hashtags connect you to them faster. Hashtag generators can generate niche hashtags that expose your account to the people that want to see it.


  1. Use Hashtag Generators To Avoid Banned Hashtags


Intelligent hashtag generators are updated regularly to ensure banned, and unwanted hashtags are removed. Banned hashtags can get your page in trouble.

They are also tricky to find because they look harmless. But with good hashtag generators, you can save yourself the trouble because all generated hashtags are safe to use.

We can go on and on about how crucial hashtags and hashtag generators are, but the smartest move is to get started now and grow your Instagram page remarkably.

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