There are many ways you can improve your Instagram experience and also streamline your engagements. One of such ways is to automate Instagram comments.

Automating your Instagram comments include auto comments, auto comment replies, auto mention/tag, auto liking comments, and automatically deleting unwanted comments immediately after they’re made.

Thankfully, there are quite a handful of unique tools like IGSUMO and the likes you can use to do this for free. Here, we will look at why you should automate Instagram comments, what tools to use and when to automate comments on Instagram.


Why Should You Automate Instagram Comments?


Here are some of the reasons why smart marketers are automating comments today and why you should too:

  1. Increases Engagements: Automating your Instagram comments with auto replies effectively doubles the engagements under your page. Since every comment can get a response, you automatically double the comments with auto comment replies.
  2. Helps You Stay In Control Of Your Account: Trolls and your competitors mustn’t take over your comment section with negative and uncouth statements. With the auto-delete/hide feature, you can remove these comments immediately after they are made.
  3. Improves User Experience: Engaging customers with quick replies can make the interaction smoother, helping you to build long-lasting relationships. For instance, a tool like Zebrabuzz can help you get and save user data like phone numbers and email for future marketing purposes.
  4. Provide Immediate Answers To Questions And Queries: Auto replies help you answer questions faster.
  5. Helps You To Move Leads Through Sales Funnel Faster.


Should You Automate Instagram Comments?


When To Automate Comments

Like all Instagram automation strategies, automating your Instagram comments shouldn’t be done just for the sake of it. There are cases when it becomes essential to automate Instagram comments. Some of them are:

  1. To Answer Frequently Asked Questions: Automating your Instagram comments is a great way to answer your FAQs. Answering the same questions repeatedly might put a strain on you, but by automating the answers, you can focus on other aspects of your page.
  2. Delete Unwanted Comments From Your Page: You can automate Instagram comments with the IGSUMO feature that allows you to delete harmful and abusive comments.
  3. Provide Shipment Details: Those who run an Instagram eCommerce business can also automate Instagram comments to provide customers with shipping, delivery details, and payment methods.
  4. Respond To Comments Via Direct Messages: You can also automate Instagram comments with an intelligent third-party tool like IGSUMO that allows you to respond to comments via direct messages.
  5. When You Are Away: As expected, you should automate Instagram comments when you are offline or will be offline for some time.


Should You Automate Instagram Comments?


Best Tool To Use In Automating Comments On Instagram

There are several intelligent tools that can help you automate Instagram comments. Most of the tools have one or two features that enable you to streamline your comments and interactions.

You’ll be hardpressed to find one that can completely automate your comments, and this is why IGSUMO is one of the most preferred amongst savvy marketers of the 21st-century.

With IGSUMO, you can perform all the automation features for comments like:

  1. Sending automatic replies to comments: You can create two different reply types – filtered replies and generic replies. Filtered replies are intelligent and can recognize keywords in comments to provide appropriate responses, while generic replies send the same response to all comments.
  2. Auto comments: This allows you to send auto comments under Instagram posts.
  3. Auto Delete/Hide Comments: Get rid of negative comments from trolls, competitors, and other Instagram users. You can also auto reply to these comments after hiding or deleting them.
  4. Auto Reply DMs: Helps you send automatic responses to direct messages.
  5. Auto Mention: Tag users in comments to make the interaction natural.

All these features, among others like scheduling image and video posts, generating hashtags that boost your post’s reach, etc., ensure you get the best from your Instagram marketing. You can get started on IGSUMO for free here and enjoy unique features that grow your Instagram account in record time.

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