Social media influence is often measured by followers and engagements. It’s the same with Instagram. The more followers you have, the likelier you are to becoming an influencer. Presently, it has become easy to gain organic followers and boost engagements, especially with intelligent Instagram automation tools like IGSUMO and many others. In this article, we will discuss some ways to get more followers as an Instagram influencer.

There are a handful of ways to increase your follower count if you are an influencer on Instagram. Here are some free ways to boost your followers:

Free Ways To Get More Followers As An Instagram Influencer


You too can get more followers as an Instagram influencer. If you’re looking to increase your followers, here are some of the ways to go about it:


  1. Optimize Your Bio


Before you become the influencer of your dreams, ensure your profile is looking good. If you are trying to attract more followers as an Instagram influencer, it is vital to have an optimized bio and profile picture. This is a prerequisite for getting the famous blue tick on Instagram, so even the platform takes a complete profile important.


  1. Be Consistent With Your Post


When your bio is all done and looks good, your content should be great as well. Not only should you share aesthetically pleasing, relatable, and quality content, but they should also be regular.

Keeping up with Instagram posting has been made incredibly easy with top automation tools like IGSUMO. With IGSUMO, you can create and schedule Instagram posts, images, and videos easily. You can plan content for as long as possible, so you remain consistent and relevant to your audience.

Consistency is key to getting more followers as an Instagram influencer. Not only will you gain increased followers, but you also get to keep the ones you already have. You don’t

  1. Focus On Getting Organic Followers


Although social media is all about the follower count, and many people may not care about the bot and fake followers, but if you can, attempt to focus on organic followers. While you are eager to get more followers as an Instagram influencer, fake followers may not always be the answer.

Bot followers will make up numbers, but in the end, they won’t engage your posts and will not buy from you if you eventually decide to use your platform to sell products.

Using hashtags, being consistent with your posts, and engaging your existing followers with interactive conversations give you a good chance of getting more followers as an Instagram influencer.


  1. Use Hashtags And Location Tags


Hashtags can help you get increased discoverability. Using the right hashtags also ensures you often appear on the Explore page and rank higher in search results, attracting new followers to your account. But this only works if you use relevant hashtags.

How then do you find related hashtags? You can achieve this with IGSUMO’s intelligent Instagram Hashtag Generator. This innovative tool can generate the best hashtags that are relevant to your post.

This ensures anyone interested in the content of that post can find it easily. This is good news for you because not only will they find your post, they are also likely to add to your follower count, ensuring you gain more followers as an Instagram influencer.

The hashtag generator also helps you avoid banned hashtags and overuse high-frequency hashtags that may get your account shadowbanned or permanently removed.

Click Instagram hashtag generator to learn more about the tool or watch the video here.


  1. Keep Your Target Audience In Mind


Whatever you do on Instagram as an influencer should have you thinking of your audience. The timing of your posts, type of content, hashtags you use, and many others should be driven by your target audience.

This ensures you connect with them across Instagram seamlessly, which means they will most likely follow you.

IGSUMO allows you to do this with ease. For example, the Instagram posting feature enables you to select a preferred time zone, helping you to connect better if you want to reach a particular audience.


  1. IGTV Videos And Reels


Video content sells and gets you more followers as an Instagram influencer or marketer. You can use IGTV videos and Reels to create engaging video content on Instagram, create vlogs, host Q&A sessions, among others.

In addition, Instagram promotes influencers who use new content tools from Instagram, such as IGTV and Reels.


  1. Automate Your Instagram Activities


Another way you can make your Instagram experience better and gain more followers as an Instagram influencer is by automating actions on Instagram.

With IGSUMO, you can automate several actions like auto commenting, auto replying to comments publicly and privately via DM, auto tagging users like a natural interaction, auto-deleting offensive comments, among many others.

With additional features like Instagram auto poster and hashtag generator, you have a tool to streamline your entire Instagram experience while you concentrate on creating engaging content.

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