Yes, Instagram automation still works. And the good news is, there are now highly-improved Instagram automation tools like IGSUMO, for instance, that improves account visibility and boosts growth for only a token (more on this untapped automation tool later on).

If you are thinking about automating your Instagram page, your head is in the right place. But, understandably, you may want to know more about it before jumping right in.

If this is you, this blog will introduce you to Instagram automation and an untapped tool that can make it easy.

For the visual learners, here are some training videos for Instagram automation that you can learn from. You can also learn how to schedule Instagram posts, below:

What Is Instagram Automation?

Simply put, Instagram automation is when you use third-party tools to perform tasks on your account. Instead of doing these tasks manually, the automation tool helps you automate the process, making it faster and a lot more effective. But do these tools still work?

Yes, Instagram automation tools still work. But the best and most reliable ones are becoming harder to find.


What Can You Automate On Instagram?


Although you may be unsure about the tools available, there are many safe Instagram automation tools to use. For example, IGSUMO is one of them. This tool is easy to use but powerful. You can automate a handful of tasks with it, and some of these include:

  • Scheduling Instagram posts: This comes with the option to post immediately or schedule for later. You can choose the time zone, and for those who may wish to repost, there is an option that enables you to make this setting.
  • Deleting or Hiding Comments: If you suffer from negative or unwanted comments on your page. This tool can delete or hide the comments as per your settings.
  • Auto Comment Reply: IGSUMO can also reply to comments automatically. It has two options: a generic reply which can send the same response to all the comments, or a filtered reply which responds to comments based on specific keywords or phrases.
  • Auto Comment: This helps you to schedule comments under your posts on different accounts. This can be especially useful for those who like to include hashtags in their comments.
  • Auto DM: Automatically respond to DMs and also reply to comments directly in the DM.
  • Hashtag Search: Speaking about hashtags, IGSUMO also has a unique tool known as the Hashtag Search or Instagram Hashtag Generator. As important as hashtags are in getting your posts to the target audience, you need to use the right ones. This tool helps you find the best and the most relevant hashtags for your post using just a keyword. This allows you to see the hashtags that people are looking for more.

Click Instagram hashtag generator to find out more. Remember, you can import as many as 5 different Instagram accounts on IGSUMO when you choose the platform’s most popular plan. Whichever plan you choose, you are eligible for a free ride with no credit card required!


Does Instagram Automation Still Work


Is Instagram Automation Allowed?


Some people say that automating Instagram ruins the platform. But this is not true as long as you do it responsibly and use the best Instagram automation tools.

Part of the irresponsible use of automation is when you spam users with your content. Don’t do that.


Do Brands and Businesses Automate Instagram?


While we cannot say the number of brands that use Instagram automation presently, we know many smart marketers are making it a trend.

This is based on the number of brands currently using IGSUMO to automate their Instagram activities to save time and improve results.


Why You Should Use The Best Instagram Automation Tools


IGSUMO has some of the best tools and features that boost Instagram growth and help you to save time – all in one package. Here are some of the benefits of automating your Instagram tasks with this unique tool:

  1. Integrate Multiple Instagram Accounts: You can integrate up to 5 different Instagram accounts and automate tasks on each of them with only one subscription!
  2. Save Time: You can save time with the many features available. Improve your team’s productivity and focus more on producing amazing content.
  3. Improve Response Rate With Smart Auto Reply Bot
  4. Boost Reach With Hashtag Tool: The hashtag tool helps you rank higher in search results and appear more often on the explore page of your target audience.
  5. Increase Engagement Rate: Double the engagements on your posts with auto replies. More engagements and improve response rates can also contribute to better organic reach.
  6. Protect Your Account From Spam and Trolls With Auto Delete/Hide Comment Feature
  7. Respond To Negative Reviews Immediately
  8. Schedule Posts With Your Target Audience In Mind: If most of your audience comes from a different part of the world, you can choose their time zone when scheduling your posts so that your content goes live when they are online.
  9. Stay Abreast Of Your Posts’ Statistics: See account and post statistics easily, including campaign reports.



Instagram marketing goes beyond posting pictures and videos. There is more work to do, and you also need a good strategy.

With third party automation and marketing tools like IGSUMO, you can improve your Instagram marketing significantly, increase team productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

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