IGsumo Import Account Tutorial

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Instagram Import Account

Before you get started on IGSUMO, you have to import your Instagram account. It is super-easy to do that, and this tutorial will guide you on how to import your Instagram account using Facebook.

Remember, you can import more than one account, but this depends on the plan you choose. To fully enjoy IGSUMO, we recommend using our Pro Plan, which is the most popular among the smart marketers that use our tool.

With this plan, you can import as many as 5 different Instagram pages and 3 eCommerce shops. You also have unlimited contacts, a full-featured chatbot, up to 8000 broadcasting sequences, among many other amazing features. You can try this plan for free here.

To import your account, you need to click ‘Import Account’ on the dashboard and tap ‘Login with Facebook.’ Simply clicking the button will take you to Facebook, where you can start linking your account with your Facebook pages. Customize the settings you want IGSUMO to work with. We recommend you accept all permissions.

When you are done, you will see the page has been connected. The next thing is to enable bot connection to each of the pages you imported. If you do not allow bot connection, your automation campaigns will not reflect on your Instagram page. Enable bot connection by clicking on the plug icon in front of the page.

That is how to import your account on IGSUMO and enable bot connection.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Easy Is It To Set Up?

We have made it super easy to set up IGSUMO. It only takes about three steps to start. If you’re stuck, we have easy tutorial videos to help you out.

Is IGSUMO An Official Instagram Integration Tool?

Yes, it is. IGSUMO is built with the official Instagram API and can integrate seamlessly with the platform.

How Is IGSUMO Different From Other Instagram Tools?

Instagram automation tools are divided into two: frontend which automates social interactions like comments, and backend for publishing, hashtags, and analytics. IGSUMO offers the best of both worlds.

Can You Help Me Set Up A Full Instagram Automation With IGSUMO?

Yes, our team of Instagram marketing experts can help you set up and manage all kinds of Instagram automation features on IGSUMO.