Instagram Comment Automation Tutorial

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This tutorial will introduce you to the unique features of IGSUMO’s Instagram comment automation tool and how to use them. Don’t forget that you need to upgrade your account to either an Expert Plan or a Pro Plan (the most popular amongst smart marketers) to enjoy the many benefits and tools on offer. You can get started on any subscription of your choice for free here.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create auto comment campaigns directly on your IGSUMO dashboard. This tutorial will teach you how to automate the comments under your Instagram posts by clicking the ‘Create Campaign’ menu on the left side of your dashboard.

You will find three sections on the next page that displays a list of the Instagram accounts you imported. You will also find a section that shows:

  • Auto comment enabled post reports
  • Auto reply post reports
  • A setting to allow full-account comment reply
  • A setting to enable mention reply and
  • See all tagged media

There is a list of your latest Instagram posts where you can set your auto reply and auto comment campaigns.

This tutorial will teach you how to create auto comment templates and set your bot to delete or hide offensive and abusive comments from your page. The IGSUMO comment bot is smart and uses advanced keyword recognition to identify the unwanted keywords you have set and then deletes or hides them as per your instructions. But it can still auto-respond to the deleted comments via DM or directly under the comment.

IGSUMO allows you to set generic and filtered replies. The former sends the same response to all commenters, while filtered replies respond to one or more keywords. Other automation campaign Instagram settings you’ll learn in this tutorial include:

  • Enable auto comment option
  • Leave a comment now option – an instant comment sender
  • Check all comments – to check all the comments under the Instagram post
  • Disable comments on Instagram among many other automation campaigns.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Easy Is It To Set Up?

We have made it super easy to set up IGSUMO. It only takes about three steps to start. If you’re stuck, we have easy tutorial videos to help you out.

Is IGSUMO An Official Instagram Integration Tool?

Yes, it is. IGSUMO is built with the official Instagram API and can integrate seamlessly with the platform.

How Is IGSUMO Different From Other Instagram Tools?

Instagram automation tools are divided into two: frontend which automates social interactions like comments, and backend for publishing, hashtags, and analytics. IGSUMO offers the best of both worlds.

Can You Help Me Set Up A Full Instagram Automation With IGSUMO?

Yes, our team of Instagram marketing experts can help you set up and manage all kinds of Instagram automation features on IGSUMO.